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ReUse Polymers is a plastics, fiber broker and consulting company.

ReUse Polymers has over 30-years of experience in the polymer business. We sell unfilled polymers, polymer compounds, and recycled polymers. We also have a very extensive background and experience setting up recycling programs and equipment for companies. We specialize in the following polymers - PA6, PA66, PET, PC, ABS, ASA, PP, PE and others. And in some cases recycled versions of these. We also buy different forms of raw materials to make the recycled pellets. Items such as carpet yarns, non-woven fabrics, loose textile fibers, injection molded parts, regrinds, and more.

Wanting to use recycled materials and actually making it happen can be harder than it seems. We are very open minded and creative when it comes to recycling.
We have been very successful providing solutions, ideas, and products that our customers need.

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